Another dimension of educational innovation was the development of 20 ACTIVATING LESSON SCENARIOS for teachers / pedagogues/ educators, which partly relate to the results / choices made by students taking part in the REFUGEE FATE SIMULATOR

The analysis of attitudes, choices, values, arguments, reasons / and partially allow students to gain knowledge of the broadly understood phenomenon of migration / refugee crisis and to develop social and civic attitudes / competences based on values based on the European cultural heritage (tolerance, openness, empathy, sensitivity , curiosity for cultural diversity, sensitivity to the needs of others, etc.) as well as geographic, historical and geopolitical knowledge. The lesson scenarios were created with a view to engaging children and young people to be co-responsible for building an open society, ready to participate in the integration process. The basis for understanding is cognition, therefore the scenarios convey reliable knowledge and facts about the refugee (also in the historical and geographical context). The scenarios prepare young people to live in a society where human rights are respected, including the rights of refugees / refugees. Thanks to them, young people will be prepared to meet those who may also seek refuge in their countries. Class scenarios include proposals of methods and forms of work tailored to the needs and expectations of a specific group, its maturity and commitment, time and goals that will be achieved. During the implementation of the scenarios, the student is not a passive recipient of the lesson, as is the case with traditional teaching methods, but is included in the course of each lesson. Both the acquired knowledge and attitudes that will be developed among students thanks to these scenarios will result in a delayed result, which is the consolidation of the value of European cultural heritage among young people as the basis for their later functioning in adult life, which will determine the directions of development and moral principles in force on our continent.