The role of the Teacher is to observe and supervise the use of the SIMULATOR by the Student. The teacher should help Students who will have dilemmas when making key decisions for the fate of selected avatars, make them aware of the possible consequences of their decisions, explain the context of the events that are taking place. The source of knowledge for the teacher about the refugee crisis are the materials in the "LESSON SCENARIOS" tab.

to start using the refugee fate simulator:
1) you should set up a TEACHER ACCOUNT (once) by sending an e-mail to the address office@edu-game.online, stating:
-your name
-your surname
-name and address of the school
(response time up to 24h)
2) after receiving the return e-mail with the LOGIN and PASSWORD, log in to the TEACHER LOGIN menu on the REFUGEE FATHER SIMULATOR
3) after logging in, select YOUR SCHOOL from the drop-down list
4) add a NEW CLASS (by giving its NAME and YEAR) or select a previously created
5) generate the LIST OF STUDENTS by entering the number of people in the class ("NUMBER OF CODES") by clicking the "GENERATE CODES" button, if the class has already been created, a preview of the LIST OF STUDENTS will be available
6) provide your Students with the LOGGING CODES
7) during the first LOGGING in, they will have to enter their NICK (i.e. pseudonym) - it may be, for example, the first name and the first letter of the surname
8) using the TEACHER ACCOUNT you will be able to track the progress of the Students and, in case of problems, help them at every stage of using the SIMULATOR